Discovery Church has a vision for the future!

In the year 2000, the city of Cibolo registered only 3,500 residents. In 2012, the population catapulted to 23,500 residents! Officials make a modest estimate that, by the year 2020, Cibolo will be home to more than 37,000 residents. That is an increase greater than 650% from 2000-2012, with another doubling of the population in the next decade.

We have the opportunity to expand and improve our place of ministry, community and hope for the influx of families coming soon. With our unified efforts now, we can Impact Generations!


What is the purpose of the Stewardship Campaign?

As we learn to be biblical stewards of all God has entrusted to us, our goal is to see intentional spiritual growth in every participant, reduce our current mortgage debt to release those funds for ministry opportunities, and expand our facilities in order to make room for new families.

What is expected of me?

Each person who calls Discovery Church home isencouraged to be open to go through the processpresented over the next few months and to obey what God instructs you to do.

How long will my commitment last?

The giving commitment is over a period of three years. If additional capital is needed we will expand the time frame as necessary.

Can assets other than cash be given?

Yes! Some people may choose to give assets in the form of stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, or their first born.

Why is this the best time for a Stewardship Campaign?

When circumstances look impossible, we have no better source to turn to than God. His economy is not dictated by our economy. He will meet our faith and obedience with His awesome faithfulness!

Will my commitment be made public?

No. Your giving commitment will be private between you and God. Your card information will be kept confidential.

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