What are your Spiritual Gifts? These are God-given gifts that you posses in order to serve God and impact your world. 

One of the keys to finding your best ministry fit is understanding your God-given spiritual gift(s). This tool can help you do that. If you want the clearest picture of your gifts, it is really helpful to have others who know you well fill out this assessment based on their understanding of you. Comparing answers can help indicate areas where your self-assessment may not be complete. Others often see things in us that we don't recognize! Also, it is a good practice to take this assessment again every few years. As our spiritual depth progresses, our spiritual gifts can become more clear.

Click on the LINK above to take the Spiritual Gift Assessment. Email your results to our Connection Coordinator, Tami Henderson at volunteer@discoverylife.org. After you complete the assessment she'll contact you within a couple days to help you find out how you can best use your spiritual gifts at Discovery.